Perspectives of primary mathematics education

Information for conference participants

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Conference venue

The conference will be held in the premises of the Research and Education Centre of the Faculty of Education, Palacký University in Olomouc.

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Conference fee

Conference fee 2000 CZK (80 EUR), please send to the conference account by the
25th March 2018. Conference fee includes the costs of conference materials including Abstract Book, publishing the paper in a journal or proceedings and other related organizational costs. Conference fee does not include participants' accommodation.

Please, make a payment through bank account. (for payments in CZK and other currencies except EUR):

Bank institution:   Komenční banka, a.s., pob. Olomouc, tř. Svobody 14, 77214 Olomouc
Owner of the account:   Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci
Bank account number:   19-1096330227/0100
IBAN:   CZ0901000000191096330227
Variable symbol:   99418141

Account for payments in EUR:

Bank institution:   Komenční banka, a.s., pob. Olomouc, tř. Svobody 14, 77214 Olomouc
Owner of the account:   Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci
Bank account number:   43-3855090287/0100
IBAN:   CZ9801000000433855090287
Variable symbol:   99418141

Necessary for your payment identification:
in the "message for recipient" give the name of the participant.
(If your bank system does not allow to enter the variable symbol, include it also into a message for the recipient)

For additional issuance of the invoice in case of wire transfers it must be added (send e-mail) correct payer address, identification number, VAT registration number + participant's name

Information for writing abstract and text of contribution

In advance, only Abstract Book will be published for conference purposes.

Template for abstract in the Abstract Book: EME2018_Abstract.docx

Abstract in the language of the presentation in the attached template (one page A4) should be sent by the 25th March 2018 to e-mail

Papers in the language of the presentation (english / czech / slovak / polish) should be sent by the 1st April 2018. All papers will be reviewed by two independent reviewers. The authors of the selected papers will be offered publishing in journals: Magister (czech / slovak / polish; ISSN 1805-7152; reflection of primary and pre-primary education in research) and Teacher of Mathematics (czech / slovak; ISSN 1210-9037; new impulses from mathematics and didactics of mathematics to support teaching in primary and secondary schools). If the paper is accepted into any of these journals, it will be published only in this journal and in the EME2018 Proceedings it will be referred to it. The remaining papers will be published in the EME2018 Proceedings (with ISBN) online at the conference website. For publication will be accepted only papers sent by the given deadline and approved by reviewers.

Instruction for writing text of contribution is available here: instructionEME2018EN.doc

For writing text of contributions use the attached template: templateEME2018EN.docx

Please, send the text of contribution by email to address Acceptance confirmation will be sent by email. The above mentioned address is suggested for further information as well. We recommend saving the document under the first author's surname.


Conference participants book and pay accommodation individually.

In term 25th - 27th April 2018, 11 rooms (2 beds) are booked in university dormitories called General Svoboda.
Do not forget to say that you are the conference EME 2018 participants.

Other possibilities of accommodation in Olomouc can be found, for example, on or